I shall not hateMature

I shall not hate.

You broke my heart,

you called me a slut,

you lied behind my back.

I shall not hate.

You insulted my family and friends,

you mocked the boy I loved,

you slept with a guy I liked,

and laughed when my heart was crushed.

I shall not hate.

You ditched me the moment someone better came along,

you never let me speak,

you made me half a person,

but convinced me I was free.

I shall not hate.

But when you told people about my past,

about my secret that I was raped,

when you told people things

you could never say to my face

my heart just aches.

And I don't know whether I want to break you

or to break myself

for being stupid enough to trust you.

But still, I shall not hate.

You aren't even worth my rage.

The End

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