I see You

I see you in your simple but classy and elegant dress,

I see you with your seductive smile and suggestive gestures.

I see you, I see men swarming around you

I see them all wanting to be with you.

I see you, the goddess of flirtation!

I see the round and lush bosom.

I see the curves accentuated by your dress,

I see every shape on your body delicately carved to perfection.

I exult at the sight of you!

I see you, my temptation and my redemption.

I close my eyes; I still see your smile beckoning

I smell your clean and sweet scent

I sense your confident aura

I fear and desire you.

I am drawn to you

I will walk up to you and speak to you

I see the fire and fear in your eyes,

I see your bright skin, it glows.

I see you; your beauty puts you on a pedestal

I greet you with the warmest of my charms,

I see the parting of your lips and your crisp voice

I see the smile; it looks wry, it feels real.

I see you; I am standing right in front of you my enigma!

I imagine your scorn at the eloquence of my lowly charms,

I see you have met and heard better.

I will strive to be worthy of you

I hear in your voice the gift they took, the pains they left

I can tell you, I am like no other

I see the beauty and the flaws in you.

I see you, even your flaws are majestically beautiful

I offer you my hands to hold

I will allow myself to enchanted by your neat voice and calculated ways

I will allow your love to fill my days

The End

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