I See God

Humans have an uncanny knack
of not believing 
in what they can't see.

And so people ask me,
"Why do you believe in God?

Why believe in the idea of something
which you can't see?
Why believe in the idea of something
which might not be there?"

And I smile,
(though smiles have never suited me)
and say,

"I see God in hopeless fires,
in the lick of flames
which twist and turn
with life in them.

I see God in the stars,
in the swell and curve
of galaxies bright and wide,
full of wonder.

I see God in the endless sky,
in the tint of azure
and magenta and catalina,
never humanly.

I see God in the rounded tides,
in the husky to-and-fro' of
waves which swing like

I see God in our words,
in the ability to string together letters
and form something so beautiful,
something unreal.

But mostly,

I see God in the tint of love,
in the undeniability
that love cannot be seen,
but it is still believed in."

I see God.
Maybe you can, too.

The End

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