I saw a dragonfly die today

Going to work the other a dragonfly flew into the wall and died while I was opening the front door. I was immediately moved and saddened and came up with this poem.

I saw a dragonfly die today
I saw a dragonfly die
I saw a dragonfly
Die I saw
A saw today dragon
Today I die, I fly
A dragon fly.

Clawing the walls
Of a bleak tunnel
No light, no dark
Just the smell
Of a meadow’s mist
Orange blossoms, lavender, onion, bark
Embraced by the rays
Of filtered moonlight.

I saw a dragonfly,
It gave its moonlight
Burned to ash by a
Beam of sunlight
From my palm it cried
Into a dragon-angel
No longer touched
By an inescapable prison.

No longer touched by the wasteland
Of tarred asphalt,
The muffler’s breath,
Maggot’s eating rotted flesh.

In ash a dragonfly ashed
Away into a dragon-angel
Bloomed into a dragon-blossom
Obscured by a cloud misting my sight
I mourn my ashed friend I never knew.

Let me choke and fade
And hopelessly wait to
Be carried away on the wings
Of a dragon-angel.

The End

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