i sat in the rain today

i sat in the sunshine today,

letting the summer warmth melt into my soul,

the light in all its mighty fire,

becoming a part of me,

bronzing me,

quite brazenly.

 i slipped off in time, seduced by her seduction,

swaying in a hammock of lazy satisfaction,

but then, as i neared a sometime dream,

a cloud drifted in,

then two, then many,

and then many more,

the air, it cooled,

the breeze, it freshened,

then a splash fell upon me from heaven,

just one,

a warning to me

and my well-sheltered life.

the years of voices that work within my mind,

they shouted, "Flee, flee,

for the rain is nearly here."

i started to leave as is my usual way,

but not today,

for some reason, not today,

today i chose to stay,

to stay and play in the rain,

and the raindrops kept coming,

and i became well-soaked,

like one does in the sunshine,

but only this time,

soaked with the rain,

and the rain became part of me,

watering me,

so that my soul, like the earth, might grow rich and lush,

in its human sort of way.



The End

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