I Resolved Not to Write

When asked why he writes what he does Stephen King answered
"What makes you think I have a choice?"

I resolved not to write, to be done with morbid rhymes
To put down my pen and not write about my tough times
I thought those days were over, but I was terribly wrong
That’s why when I pick up my guitar I only play a sad song.
I resolved not to write, I tried to move toward normality
I had my lover and my booze and a new sense of morality
I thought I would make it out of the dark scarred but alive
But I found out when if I’m in the light I will not survive.
I resolved not to write, but now I’ve decided I need to
Mostly because it’s what I was put on this earth to do
I thought I wanted to be rid of my dark side
But now it’s something I’m proud of and don’t hide.
I resolved not to write, I really don’t know why
Maybe I was sick of the pain and the tears I cry
I thought I would recover with the passing of time
But I haven’t so I must return to my dark sublime.

The End

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