I Remember...

Another piece written for my English class.
We were told to write a poem how ever we wanted as long as it used the words "I Remember" repeatedly and focused on one certain person, place, or thing from our childhoods.
I chose my best friend and cousin. <3

I remember the years my cousin and I spent

In imaginative laughter.

We were the princesses

Who went on adventures,

Found our princes,

And lived happily ever after.

I remember the months we devoted

To curious exploration.

We sought out activities

To become our new haven

And quench our desires

For artistic creation.

I remember the days we traveled

Beyond our backyards.

We were zoologists watching animals

Without any collars

As they went about their lives

In their habitable wards.

I remember the nights we stayed

Up past our bedtime.

We were too restless to sleep,

More wild than thyme,

Just wanting to chat,

Was that such a crime?

I remember the hours we practiced

For the children's summer show.

We were singers

With solos to know;

We were dancers

To be awarded a rose.

I remember the minutes we battled

With our hot-tempered words.

We sometimes got moody

Too easily stirred,

Tearing at each other

Like taloned birds.

I remember the seconds we needed

To patch things together.

We were closer than friends

Our bonds stronger than leather.

Our relationship could withstand

All types of weather. 


I remember these times my cousin and I share

Within our hearts.

We are together still,

Though now far apart,

Both of us growing

Into works of art.

The End

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