I Remember

I remember the day we met

Me, just eight, but with a stubborn set

I knew right away you would be my friend

in my heart until the end.

You ran up to the car, a grin on your face

You had lost your music; what a disgrace

But instead of crying or hunting it down

You had come to meet us, to show us around.

I remember my mothers birthday

Your laughter at my determination to get in the way

Wanting to 'help' you make her cake

eating the icing as it baked.

You taught me my love for sweets and treats

The cooking I did (and the raw mixes I'd eat)

And even now, I still carry on

Though its not the same, now your gone.

I remember when you moved out

I curled up on my bed, tears about.

You came up to ask me what was wrong

And I said, crying, you would be going for long

You would never come back, to see us again

You laughed, and called me your sisterly pain

saying you would be there ever weekend

until we got bored of you, no longer wanting you as a friend.

I remember the day you changed

just short of twelve, and yet I was afraid

For you were screaming and shouting at us

So I hid in the car while mum tried to calmly discuss

But you didn’t want to hear

You said you didn’t want us near

So mum slowly nodded and we drive away;

And I was too scared to say my goodbye.

I remember never seeing you again:

The call came a month later, along with crippling pain

As silent tears dripped down my face

and I knew no one would ever take your place

for you were like a brother for those short years

and that mean the memories couldn’t be washed away by any tears

But what it did was brought guilt and grief

If I had said goodbye, would your life would have been as brief?

I remember the day we buried you

The calls of Kites above as they flew

We put you down to the Last Post

The only sound in the cemetery host

I sat down by your side

Sat in silence, finally dry eyed

And I whispered with a quite sigh

the words I never said to you: my own goodbye.

The End

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