I promise

Just a brief little poem I wrote

You see, I used to be "normal", someone like you,

until I found the truth, I am everything but you.

These are my thoughts, they are never as cruel,

they're not like yours I'm sorry, so does that make me a fool?

I do not have as many friends as you, so I am a loser?

I picked all my friends, so I am a chooser.

You care only about yourself, I only care for others,

I will gladly set aside my life for the burdens of my brothers.

You have all this money, but do you know what means more?

it's simple really, it's called family, whom you should adore.

Instead you lie here, your life full of greed,

I lie here with family, knowing I will succeed.

You ask me how I fared better than you,

it's simple really, I am nothing like you.

I'm not being rude, I'm simply just being honest,

change the ways that you live, you will succeed I promise.

The End

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