I Owe You Everything.

A response.

Dear friends, dear family,
dear, dear enemies,
dear strangers,
dear everyone:

I will fight my own heart
to stretch compassion across
your blood-spurting wounds,

to hold your anger-brittled
skins and bones tightly
against my chest,

to straighten out
your tired, broken bodies,

to spread a balm over
your writhing lonesomeness,
cascading like an ocean wave
with no shore to call home.

Wind whips through empty
ghost towns, the whisper
similar to the sound I hear
everytime you attempt
to inhale through your collapsed
lungs. I see you,
that you are broken,
and I see that it is
your own fault. But,

dear World, I owe you everything

not because you deserve it,
not because you have been kind to me,
not because I believe it will change anything,
not because I mistake your anger
and your cruelties for affection--

but because I love you,
and no amount of hatred,
no great miles and miles
of self-prioritization
or wrath-driven reform
can accomplish what Love
will ultimately--
no, inevitably--

The End

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