I Overstand.

I overstand when you (generic) need an outlet for venting...but when all you write are angry poems, at what point does it cease to be a temporary solution and become a problem?
And it's a working title. I just wrote it as it came to me, I don't really have a title for it that I like :/

Your musical poetry is brilliant (all of mediocre)
always about how you feel and your angst.
(outlets are great but...) At what point are you
going to consider who you're lashing out against?
Your lunatic rantings and poignant ravings
are spot on -your listeners only speak of it
because of everything except the lyrics.
All poets have written about the same concept(s);
In fact, instead of any thoughtful consideration
it may implore the listener
all it does is insinuate apathy
all it does is incite anger
against those who are supposed to understand you
but can't
because you misplaced your creative energy.  

The End

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