I Only Wanted You

I found a broken soul and saw my future
with a bottle of wine lodged in his hand
If you knew I would take it so hard
would you have abandoned me?

With the tears in your dress, oh honey
you sold your soul long, long ago
Somewhere along the way I lost mine
Just to see you again was all I ever needed

You caught the last train from the station
with no destination
with no complication
Just to leave me here
You caught the last train in your frustration
with no expectation
of my elation
when I find you have left me here

You can’t see me when I am standing next to him
oh he’s better than me in your eyes
No explanation would ever detail the truth
with the silence that lasted for years and years

I can still recall those long Autumn nights on the phone
hanging on to your every sweet word
No one could ever give me the comfort
you gave to me when I needed it most

 But what does it matter now?
 With the travesty we left to die
 I am feeling blue
 Because I only wanted you
 But you didn’t want me

The End

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