I Once Wrote a Letter

This was actually regarding a prompt on a different website, but a poem is a poem.

I once wrote a letter,
And sent it to Mum,
It was my party soon,
I wished she would come.

My seventh birthday,
I felt so mature,
But why my mum left,
Of that I was unsure.

Of all the gifts and presents,
And cards in the post,
There was no doubt in my mind,
I wanted my mum the most.

I would trade anything,
Anything at all,
Just to have her back,
And not receive the call.

My dad answered the phone,
His face went pale,
He tried not to cry,
But to no avail.

With tears trickling down,
And the phone back in place,
He knelt down before me,
So we were face to face.

“Mummy’s had an accident”,
His voice was much shaken,
“They’ve done everything they can”,
“But she will not awaken.”

A car on the road,
Knocked my mum down,
The blood built up inside,
And she started to drown.

Of all the questions,
I had to ask why,
Why did they speed off,
And leave my mum to die.

I once wrote a letter,
And sent it to Mum,
She is waiting for me in heaven,
Waiting for my time to come.

The End

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