I once loved a man

I once loved a man.

And he loved me and we

never did anything to prove

such a love was even there

at all.

We took no pictures or candid shots

of us laughing when the world forgot.

We did not have a favourite song

to which we both hummed along.

We did not hold hands when we went on dates,

and where we went always changed.

Never did we visit the same space

for risk of having our special place.

I never wrote him a single song

and he never missed me when I was gone

for all along 

in between the sheets we stained

we were aware someday 

they would be clean

and that this was but a fling

so why allow memories to sorrow bring.

He left me in September rain.

Which was worse, the numbness, or the pain,

I'll never say,

for my heart missed knowing what to miss

before long I had forgotten how we kissed

or even if I loved it

loved him,

at all.

I am old and grown now.

A charming man charmed me 


life has taken roads so stray

I would not have known the way.

Still, in the September rain,

I quietly whisper his unknown name,

the man I loved beyond what love was worth,

the man that taught me love is worth the hurt.

The End

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