Infected World and The Lie Illusion

Infected World

The desolate screams of the unheard
Just want to get in a simple word
All around you fear, loss and pain
Your evil ways, you cannot tame
The simple joys of simple food
Would in fact, enchance the mood
Of this world that we live in
The scars of death, fear will win
But we can help these desolations
The simple things like medications
Look at yourselves, you sicken me
All you want is money, look and see
It's sickening your twisted greed
Pain and death, you are the seed
Just look and see, and feel their pain
Some of them don't have a name
Look at this world, you have infected
Look at it and now, correct it

The Lie Illusion

As I sit, on this grass
And the time, starts to pass
My body digesting my last meal
I wonder is it even real?
The sky I mean, the grass, the sea
Is it real or is it me?
Is this all sent to trick me
Is there something I shouldn't see?
Is there a secret hidden here
The origin of all fear
As I realise my life's a lie
My body trembles, starts to die
I cannot take this reality
But as I die, I see
I watch the end, as I come to mine
I realise, there's a thin line
Before we all, come to die,
It will only be, one little lie


The End

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