I Never Thought/Lie, My Flower, and Various Other Poems

Collection of poems writen by me

I Never Thought / Lie

I never thought it would get like this
It was only a bit of fun
But now all of the twisted lies
Have got me on the run

I never thought it would get like this
But deep deep down inside
This world of hate and greed and wrong
Something inside me died

Why oh why do we all hate
Why is it we all die
This evil that consumes us all
The stupid hateful lie

My Flower

My flower is withered, it cannot live
My flower soon will die
A drop of blood, a tiny tear
My flower starts to cry

My flower is a twisted one
No beauty I do see
But then again, my flower is
A reflection of me

My flower holds deep secrets
My flower holds a curse
My flower is dying soon
The pain, is getting Worse

The End

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