I Never Stopped Loving You

A sonnet I wrote in year 10 at school. I'd been going out with a guy and then i dumped him for a stupid reason, then wanted to go back out again. Gosh I sound finicky.

I knew I loved but stalled till you would say,

And say you did and we loved for a while,

Another face for me tore us away,

But that fake love could not withstand the trial,

Twas hard for me to keep you friend my will,

But sadness you forgave yet still I weep,

Now realising that I love you still,

I see your pain and cry myself to sleep,

Some time I wait unknowing of my course,

Yet still I know that I of you must see,

Such love for me and never-ending source,

I ask of you what you once asked of me,

But though I wish loves course would now fly straight,

I know tis not and now for you I wait.

The End

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