i never forgot you; i just forgot myself

i think

with all my time here, 
feet rooted firmly in the soil of broken tiles
and red red red metal lockers 
i have forgotten who i am

i've found need to hide 
the bands i like, the world i like 

the surroundings i live in 

and that is a fearful thing, 
i much regret to say. 

but you kind of remind me of who i used to be, 
who i am underneath all this deception
caked on like dollar-store makeup 
and i want to remember

because you helped to make me this
you cupped your hands around my heart 
and wrapped me in something i could grow inside 

you gave me a safe space to evolve
and maybe i don't like who i've become
but you let me stay who i always was with you

and i miss that person
i miss you 

and i just want to say thank you
because it's a hard thing to do, 
giving someone their identity back. 

The End

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