I never asked for this

This is my first attempt at writing a poem. I hope the ugly doesn't harm anyone. And I really don't know what kind of poem it is, so I just put free verse. (I also don't what to do about capitalizing and putting periods and crap, but I did what I thought looked pretty, so that must make it right.) Thanks! :)

I lie to you

Each and every day

Because if you knew the truth

You wouldn't let me stay

I only do it

Because it's necessary

I've stopped listening to you

And became a visionary

You tried your best

But you gave me no choice

And when I'm finally free

I'm going to rejoice

For a while you really had me going

Then I realized you were trying to inoculate

Now that I know

This house is going to depopulate

You forced it upon me

I didn't ask for this

I'll take my leave soon

We can no longer coexist

It hurts me to do this

But you hurt me first

I'm fine with myself

I will no longer be immersed

I didn't want them

Yet you gave me your beliefs

I know what I think

And it gives me sweet relief

I'm sure you'll come at me

With a counterattack

It really doesn't matter

Because I'm never coming back

The End

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