I Miss You, My Friend

I'm just feeling lonely. My friend's spending two weeks in the UK and she's no longer replying to emails or texts.

miss you.

miss you like the stars miss the night
When the sun comes up

miss you like I miss the four thousand
Bobby pins that I lose a year

miss you like the smile i used to see
Directed at me

miss you like I miss the mutual trust we had,
Giving and taking equally

miss you like I miss being not depressed,
Like eternal happiness

miss you like the ignorance I used to have
Before i became so sick

miss you because I can't see you,
Can't see you every day or hear your voice

miss you like someone misses a lost limb after surgery -
I keep reaching out with a phantom arm and realizing there's nothing there.

miss you because I don't really know you anymore

miss you all the more
Because I know that you 
Probably don't miss me. 

The End

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