"I Miss you, I Love you, I Need you"

this is a poem I wrote about in memory of a very close family member who passed away, I guess you could say this is my own little way of saying 'good-bye. '

"I Miss you, I Need you, I Love you"

I miss you...

Not just today, but everyday. Yes everyday I miss you more and more and everyday my heartaches for you and I long to hear the sound of your voice, or the taste of your famous and unmatched baking, or the mere sound of cards shuffling. I still have those cards they remain as the only physical piece of memory that I have of you and like the memories that are forever etched deep inside my mind they will NEVER be taken from me!

I love you...

As I write these words they become more then just a poetic verses, they are my therapy, my healing and as I write them my eyes well up with tears that are now quickly taking over my page, but I do not care! I need you to know one thing without a second's hesitation that I credit you with one hundred and ten percent for making me the person I am today...Perhaps not on the outside where it all is as plain as day for anyone's naked eye to see, but on the inside where it all truly counts, more then any amount of money but where few people will ever truly see and fewer yet will ever know...inside my heart and soul. Yes it was you and you alone that has made me feel with the emotion that I do!

I need you...

To look down upon me and let me know if I have made you proud, give me a sign in any way, shape, or form to let me know that you are pleased with the person that I have and am becoming, and please don't be afraid to hurt my feelings, no, I need your honest thoughts because when I saw you for the last time in that Care Home I was truly utterly disgusted and humiliated with myself for I could not even bring myself to look at you even for the simplest of second.



Great Grandma Reiss

I Miss you...I Love you...I Need you!!!


August 27, 2009 


The End

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