I miss you

There's no easy way out.

I could write you a thousand letters,

each describing my undying love,

and you could reply two times to every one,

and it still wouldn't change this ache in my heart.

It still wouldn't change the fact that

I miss you.

And I know you'd want me to be happy

even when you're gone

just like I would want you to,

but I don't know how.

I keep wandering around this empty house,

playing hide and seek with shadows,

searching behind every closed door

hoping you'll be waiting there.

But these rooms are as vacant as my soul,

and so I recoil to my room.

The blankets on my half made bed still smell like you,

I lie on them and weep.

You tell me I'm strong, I don't need you in my life

to carry on,

but I never want to be at a place

where I don't need you to tell me goodnight

in order to dream sweet at the end of every day.

And there's no easy way to say it,

and there's no simple solution.

I just miss you.

I don't think it's a wound that will ever heal.

The End

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