I miss you.

This poem is about somebody very close to me that passed on, I wanted to write a sort of letter to them and I decided to do it in the form of a poem I guess.

Sometimes you just sit and think, about all the stupid things that you did

Remembering how you acted, regretting what you said before you parted

But now if you went back to change all those silly little things, it wouldn't make much difference anyway.

I miss our weird yet wonderful chats. I miss how you would always make me laugh. I miss the way you would come and wake me early in the mornings. I miss having you around.

I hope you are at peace now and feel no pain. I hope you are proud of who I am today.

Sometimes I talk to you as if you are still here, I tell you how I am and how I feel. 

Sometimes I wonder if you hear me.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone hears me.

Sometimes I just stop and think whats the point?

Whats the point of doing all of this when you are not here to see it.

The End

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