Does not happen

Not at all

I wish it would

But facts don’t have emotions

And you can’t reason with then

You can’t threaten or bribe them

They just are what they are


Time holds no mercy

Not for me

I still…still…

I’m still wordless when it comes down to you

I’ve tried so many times to describe what you are to me

Every word, every phrase always comes across as over used


It’s easier now, I suppose

I go out now

I don’t look for you anymore

But I still don’t know what to look for

I only want your love

Your respect, your admiration

I know it’s there but it will never be like the way it was


That fire still burns in me

That torch still held high

Pride comes with knowing no could love purer than me

It’s hard to see that side…

But it’s true

The End

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