It’s your birthday again

And I still feel like I should be looking for marbles in your cake

It was marble cake after all…


Everything else fades or buries

My memory fogs up

And I just can't seem to clear the haze

I can’t remember what was real and what was a fairy tale


The umbilical cord has long been severed

But I’m still bound to you

You fed me from your breast

Believed in me when no one else did

I tried to take that invisible thread and pull you down from heaven so many god d*** times

I only stopped because my arms got tired

I never quite gave in


What held you back from us?

What stopped your heart from beating?

Beating for all of us who loved you unconditionally

Heaven, what’s heaven?

I tried to find it from an airplane window

But there were no cherubs in those clouds


I think I died that day too…

I look around and wonder why I feel so empty

The world holds no innocence when anything can happen to anyone…

At anytime…

Especially you


I don't have your eyes

I don't see your face in the mirror

Did you give me your insides?

I wish I knew


It has to end like this

There is so much left unsaid

So much more I could write

And so I have to leave this poem unfin...




The End

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