~Angel of death~

How can you pass through my life

With such ease and no regret.

Occupying every thought and moment.

Not once turning back, You quickly forget.


You flew into her life

And made her tame

Just like you did to me.

You left as suddenly as you came.


Like the Angel of death

Your beauty froze me in a single frame.

You waited till my heart stopped beating

Before taking my soul to the higher plane.


Or so I thought.

It seems I'm not on a cloud above the earth

but a burning pit, mocked by you.

Only now I see your worth.


I spent eternity wraped in your wings

Protected and loved.

What does she have that made you drop me

A freefall of pain, While she cackles from above.


I should; hate you but I can't,  forget you but I won't

I shouldn't need you but I do

I shouldn't Miss you but guess what

I still love you.

The End

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