Damn Song


It's kind of funny how songs will stick with you.

Long after the moments past and your feelings are mute.

We were driving in your car and I was just aching to touch you.

Feel that you loved me too.

You took me to a place that felt like home.

I was just filled to the brim with innocent wonder and joy.

And you kept playing that song

You said it made you feel alive

I felt nothing, puzzled at the very least

I knew...I knew what it meant but I didn't want to look too deep

 Then we dissolved, became dust in each other's lives

I did my best to go on, do as one does, when they are on their own

But that song, that song came on the radio

That damn song that no one like but you.

Oh that damn song chokes and revives me

I don't want to take meaning, search for fate in the rocky river of random

I don't want to remember anymore

because I know you'll never remember what I remember.



The End

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