I met life!

Some days back, I met Mother Life,
I bowed low to her, enquired,

“Oh mother of all! I want to know,
for how long without your kind hold,

Shall we, the humans go on?

As the earth keeps shifting into something it wasn’t,
for how long do you think, you shall linger!?”

“Bless thee child by no means can it be,
that mankind endure, with no the grace of me!
You might feel of yourself as the master of all,
yet remain another, brick In the wall.

You must’ve made fruits, without flowers and trees,
Eggs without hens, and honey without bees!
Let thou replicate a blade of grass
Or my laughter shall forever last!

Simply because, this, can never be!
Your life is so void! Devoid of me.

You tore me, dug into me,
 at times took my flesh apart!
But do tell me son, shall this eternally last?

Everything created, is fated to end!
But you men have always, tried to bend,
The laws of nature, thus you shall see,
That you can’t live a moment, without the presence of me.

The End

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