I Meant It


And struggling against the tide

Trying to keep my head above the surface

But sinking slowly with tears in my eyes

Each time I think I've found sure footing

You come and push me back

I can't keep you out

No matter how hard I try

The pins in my heart don't protect me anymore

You were supposed to save me 

From myself

You were supposed to save me

But you chose to put me in this hell

I had no idea hell was so deep

I thought I could swim

But I was wrong

You were my ship

But I tumbled overboard

Now the sharks have started circling and I can't breath

The heavens have opened

And it's started to rain

I can't keep this up

But my lungs won't let me quit

You said you didn't want to lose me

But now you can't look at me

You won't watch me drown

You walk on the beach as I fight for breath

I call your name as my lungs fill with salt

My tear drops are the ocean now

I'm riding on the waves

Because when I said I couldn't live without you

I meant it

The End

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