I May Be A MasochistMature

You remind me of a song

Hell, we remind me of a song

A song of pain, but the need for it

Because I tried to leave, but I need you

I need you to hate me, love me, I need you to

Kill me, to bring me back

Because without it I lose track

Of whether I have any worth in

This world, if I have anything

Going for me besides what’s between my thighs

And even then we know I’ll give it up to any guy

Cuz I’m a whore right?

Slept with everyone every single night

We were together, actually just one

Just one man

He was the hero to your villain

He loved me when you’d hurt me

He’d kiss my bruises, caress my scars

He’d tell me to leave you, to stay with him

Come with me he’d say

You don’t gotta go back to him anyway

I can protect you, he won’t fuck with me

But I stayed

Cuz like I said, I needed pain

After cutting, playing with Ana

After Hayden and Gypsy and Kyra

I needed something constant in my life

And pain was bountiful and plentiful

And it kept me on the edge of suicide

I’m sick and I know it

We all know I’m twisted

But what can I say?
I like my pain.

The End

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