Cars Speed By

I walked along the edge of the road, along broken glass and many soda cans..trash..useless..thrown around after its been used..kinda sounds familiar.

The cars blurred past me, not giving me any notice. It was getting very dark but I loved the nightime. The moonlight was my pathway, and the beating of my heart was my clock.

After a couple hours, walking along with no direction, I stopped at gas station..was stealing above my dignity?

I went inside the warm, lighted station and entered the little shop next to it. It was a haven of nutritious bars to gum balls. All in my reach..

I stood closely to the rack of granola bars, almost hugging it.

 I looked both ways..i was new to this..

"They'll see you if you look like you're doing something wrong" A figure suddenly said from next to me.

He didnt turn towards me and I didnt make eye contact with him...Who was he?

And why should he care?

The End

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