I love you too :*

Far away from her,
The author misses his friend and is eager to know what keeps her away from him.
Only to find he is overreacting and 'over'thinking.
Something everyone does out of sadness and depression?

Downbeat thoughts begin with guilt.
Am I guilty,
of loving you?

Why do a mere 14 days…
affect ‘us’ so much?
Or does it concern only my edition of ‘us’?

Do things seem mistaken…
on your end too?
Or am I trying to push a wall?

Do you mind to fix this mess?
Or am I the only one who cares?


Is something wrong in the first place?
Or as usual,
it’s just my head at play.

Yet again!
I believe to believe.
I love you.
you love me too!

The End

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