I love you, LOVE

I generally find love songs to be far too thick with cliche superlitives and dramatic imagery that does nothing but provoke uncontrolable gagging.

This is not a love song. This is a song about love. Love, and its affect and purpose in a world fillefull of beings of emotion.

Every moment of my life, you're right by my side;

Every time I smile or in sadness when I cry.

When I close off my sight, you're there in my mind;

I see your gistening, glimmering, perfectly deep eyes.

In size you're mine twice. You're bright as white light.

Exciting my mind, never ceasing to entice.

Exceding all advice, believing all is right: I

Love you, love; I wanna feel this all the time.

I never mean to decieve you.

You know what I've been through.

You make me want to be true

To the people that need you.

Elevating my conscience,

Renevating the nonsense,

Evoking strength in lost souls;

You might as well be god-sent.

I've met a lot of lost men.

I've made a lot of strong friends.

I've built a strong fence

To surround my conscience.

You lower my guard and you make me want to power through.

I've sat around smoking bud but now I want to flower too.



You never had an actual birth, you are all an hour is worth.

I pray for the the day that I see you empower worlds.

You never had an actual birth, you are all an hour is worth.

I pray for the the day that I see you empower worlds.



You are pure as water, you're the sun that feed the crops.

You're in the victim of torture who stays strong as a rock.

You're the hope that helps a life long addiction to stop.

You're the reason I believe that people are like gods.

In the wind I hear you whistling. I'm wandering which decision is

The right one to make, Should I be strong or giving in?

What is it you're delivering? Why do you leave me shivering?

Are you still standing strong or is you're body withering?

You've started an ill. It's something we can't cure.

You're fundermental for peace but your passion, it starts wars.

In the mind of a patriot who loves his nation

Heading to a foreign country to stage an invasion.

The god loving militant at the tube station,

But you aren't in the heart of the greedy corporations.

The sun does not light up everywhere, there's always dark;

Just like you're never present in every person's heart

Or you are, and it perpetually leads to division.

Could you be the entity that is the inhibition?

Is this whole song just a walking talking contradiction?

Logically, you could be the reason for the schisms.

But if you were universal; if everyone would listen

To the heart beat of their neighbour and nod to the rythm;

If we wanted to be family and made that decision

Freedom wouldn't be a vision, it would be something we were living.

The End

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