I Love You

Here, for you, I give
The only thing I can give
My words dipped in love
Spoken from my heart
And translated by my hands

I love you --
Now, then, always
I know no words to express
These feelings so deeply seeded

I may've thought once upon a time
That I could live without
But you are truly my heroin, my drug
There is a part of me deep within
That craves the love from your lips

I love you --
Now, then, always
I beg you never to forget
To always cherish, and always hold

I stole your heart from you
But then I damaged it as I tried to return it
Pieces were lost in that transaction
I proved a horrible protector
But I'll try better with the chance you've given me

I love you --
Now, then, always
I have learned from my mistakes
The words I speak are true

The ring of truth, I hope you hear
As I say these words, these promises
For all my words, and all my actions
That's what they are, all of them
Spoken and unspoken promises of my love for you

I love you --
Now, then, always
My lips hold long awaited promises
Of desire kept for later times

I need you hear, I need you close
But for that, God had made us wait for Time
To tick slowly by and try our minds
Giving us the simple sounds of words
To keep us just-enough interested

I love you --
Now, then, always
One day will be a new beginning
To this love we will always share

Someday we shall be Man and Wife
Of love receiving a second birth
A love rekindled, yet never faded
Just a chance to start anew
To be together as we were meant

The End

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