I Love This City Today

A dark but humorous look at living in a modern city. Hardly light-hearted but a good read nonetheless

Sitting on the harbour

I felt so easy and free in this fair city

I smile and nod towards the girls I adored

I love this city, like all the girls I loved before

And on those sunday mornings

with the sunlight creeping around the corner

The glow of the sun, oh how it warms her

but the blue lights wailing, oh how they warn her

of the shadows and the red eyes that haunt her

I love this city today

Somewhere in a basement

A life is about to be snuffed out

Corruption, money, is there evil in the air

Yes there is, there can be no doubt

Somewhere in a park

A couple find their love is alive

I'm glad something in this city can survive

Make this city beat and it's people thrive

Trains roar and buskers play

Oh how I loved the city that day

But something was hunting me that day

Something was sniffing for blood that day

And now I dance

The cold shiver of the dead

Isn't life such a bore

when you're cold and frozen in the city's morgue

Dreaming of my city again

Cold-blooded killers and other sins

But there's nothing I'd change

for the dark-hearted love found within

I love you my darling

Look how the rivers sparkling

I love you my queen

Because nothing in the city

Is as it seems

The End

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