Did We Stop Rhyming?

I wonder where the poems went
With laughter, when I didn't vent
Or cry out through my tearful songs
A time when nothing seemed so wrong

I wonder how it happened that
It stopped helping if we were cats
And laughing through those tearful songs
Didn't help us go along

Did you see where it wentwrong?
Did you write it down, when things stopped rhyming?
Did you feel the tension in the air?
Did you care? Did you try to stop it?
I don't know.

I wonder when I lost my trust
And when the love broke down to lust
And holding me when I was crying stopped
Helping me at all, making me stop balling

Or did I see when it went wrong?
And didn't write it down to you, did I just write a song?
Did I feel the tension in the air?
I think I did but maybe I just didn't care.

Now looking back I wonder, were we broke?
Broken from the start, anger in every time we spoke
And now I think did we just waste our time?
Yet even now I wish you were here to stop me writing lines.

Maybe we never really went wrong..
Maybe it's just all in my head, where it's madness
Maybe there's no tension in the air.
Maybe I just care too much.
Or does one of us just not care enough?

I don't know.

The End

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