And I'm lost
In this dream
Of white houses and villages it seems

And I'm cold
A bit torn
Is it houses with you that'll make me warm?

And there's children on the second floor
Running and screaming and slamming doors
Is this
What I need?

And there's fighting and crying and broken phones
I'm still curling up all alone
Is here
Where I want to be?

But you don't know my mind
And you can't make it better inside
And you can't read my words
To say what they really mean
Although to you it may seem

Now I'm lost
In your eyes
In the mad and craziness you can hypnotise

But I'm cold
Lost my head
Do I want to be next to you every night in bed?

But there's bathing them when they're two years old
And feeling our own hearts unfold
When we
See their face

And one day I know they'll have some
They'll come to Grannie's for their fun
And time,
We won't want to waste.

No you don't know my mind,
But can you make it better inside?
And you can't read my words
To see what they really mean
But maybe what you see is better
Because whatever you see,
Is simple.

The End

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