Wake Up

My new songbook (excluding the first one) for my loves, friends and otherwise~

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom
I thought I was lost
I found you to believe in
You told me that you loved me
You'd never let me lose sight
I'd never be the next best thing,
No I'll never be the next best thing

It's funny that once I thought
I'd nowhere left to go
That she would be the death of me
I'd never find my home
That friends from then would just be dreams
And life'd continue slow
That I'd always cry over my broken past
And never let anyone know

But I let people know in the first place
Now my time's too fast to waste
With friends filling every inch of space
And keeping the smile upon my face

And it's you, only you, who keeps me going.
Oh it's you, each of you, who stop the pain.
And when I see each of your loving eyes in my mind,
You're the ones who keep me waking up again..

The End

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