I Learnt To Let Go

This poem speaks of letting go of everything that happened, learn from it and be renewed in God's grace.

Let Go!

I must let go

Yes, I learnt to let go

Let go of my past

Let go of my problems

Let go of my issues

Let go of my disappointment

To change, I must let go

To be renewed, I must let go

To fight, I must let go

To move forward, I must let go

A wise person told me that I have to be overjoyed by present days

Flowers must bloom, or they die

Roses must grow, or they will fade

My soul is thirst for renewal, I must feed

For men does not live by bread alone

But live by the Word

The Word of God

Alive and Active

Sharper than double-edged sword

Strikes your joints and bone marrow

All the way to the depths of my soul

Cuts through so that when I bleed

I bleed the old blood cells

I heart will pump new blood cells

I have to be reincarnated

Living into a new being

For I have been crucified with Christ

The old me is gone

Welcome to the new me!

I let go and let God deal with my life

He will take over from now on

I learnt to let go

The End

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