I keep on Trying

I keep trying

Trying…trying not to stare at the back of your head

I want to clutch your hair and make your follicles burn and sizzle

Hold your attention with your hair etwined in my knuckles

Entreat you with whispers on your neck

I want to change your world

I want to be the force driving you


If you only knew…

My passion fuels my imagination

I dance alone to the folksy love songs

They sound as raw as my hunger

I pretend the warm air swirling around is you

And the air rises, rises me up

When I close my eyes I feel as if I must be floating

My feel dangle and brush at the carpet fibbers

I couldn’t careless if I ever found the floor


I dream of gingham dresses

The innocence of a summer day

Sweating through the play of water fights

Laughing as ice cream cones flop on concrete

I dream of the unspeakable hope

I wish you knew so we could make it come true

I’ve gotta to give it all I’ve got

I just have to let go

My feelings are too much

Too much of the hot and heavy

Too much paperback romance…


If you only knew…

I’m alive, clawing at the want

Placating it with best laid plans

I’ll talk to you today

But a “hello” always must suffice

I don’t even know if I’ve ever said more than two words to you.

But I can’t seem to stop thinking about you

I can’t be warned off

Everything in me swoons and swarms

My hands arc like wings

And my eyes pierce through the crowds

I want some form of release

Something more permanent than a gush of air

I need a stream of words

I need to claim all I see as mine!

The End

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