I Just Wanted To Say

This is a free verse if you will. It's more of a statement. I know grammatically speaking it needs work, I welcome any and all feedback! :)


The words are like a wire brush against my skin, feeling pure rejection harbored within

Sitting in silence now the echo of your voice, angry and enraged, this ismychoice

It pierces my brain like the clang of a bell; silence is loneliness, suffering in hell

Nobody knows the image conjured inside, my place to run to when it’s time to hide

Hidden in images now lost to the darkness above, how could they possibly understand such a sharing of love?

“What is she thinking? No, she’s not possibly withhim” bets will be placed, “Oh, their chances are slim"

Let them say what they want in their bitterness we won't dwell, they’ve never felt the touch of my Angelic Devil

Blissful romance follows a terrifying rage, they’ll say "it’s an obvious reason for her to make a change"

Why does it matter what they think or they say? Let's get lost in this romance once again please stay

Stand up beside me and wage this last war, stand up for something you believed in so passionately before

If they walk, hell then let ‘em, they’re not worth our strife, it’s the ones still left standing that we want inourlife

Whispers will linger behind our backs for all time, fueling more words for me to transform into rhyme. 

The End

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