As the One Who Always Tried.

I just want to be remembered, when I've seen the last of my days.

I just want to be remembered-
my life regarded as well lived and my heart viewed as pure-
virtue may not have been my maiden name,
but hope and happiness the things that leave a lasting impreesion in the minds of others as they think on me.

when i pass-
when my time has come to travel outside this weary body,
i hope i am remembered as the one that helped-
who dropped their worries and took on the world, and let it rest its head on my shoulders.
I can just hope that people forget my shortcomings and value me, and my life-
that they miss me,
when i'm gone.

all i want, is to be remembered.
to have my memory cherished-
that for all the pain and the sorrow- the agony both physical and emotional-
that someone, somewhere,
will never forget the sacrifice i made for the people i claim,
that through the secrets and the hidden dreams and in all my failures,
the allowed abuses, and for all my brokenness,
i always tried.
that is what i want to be forever ingrained in their minds-
that i was the one that never failed to try.

The End

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