I just hate youMature

they say sometimes you have to hate someone, 

because it's the only emotion that will cancel out 

the love you had for them.

Getting over you is something I never dreamed I would have to do.  

With you, there never was an ending.  

Sure, we'd fight, 

we'd bicker, 

we'd slam emotional doors of rage, 

but they were never locked.  

I could always open them again 

and you'd be there, 

you were never gone so far 

you couldn't come home.  

You were never gone long enough 

for me to feel alone.

I don't cry as much as I thought I would.  

My tears have been spread out over our goodbye 

so now that it's come to pass

I don't have much left.  

I feel numb. 

 I lie in bed and think of nothing, 

and pretend the ceiling is full of stars, 

and that somewhere you are watching them, 


Everything exhausts me, 

nothing feels real, 

this is a dream, 

and tomorrow I'll wake up and realize 

you were here all along.

But at the same time, 

I don't regret leaving, 

I don't regret goodbye, 

I don't regret loving you.

I just fucking hate you.

The End

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