You need a little time

You said you needed time, so i gave you time.

You said you didnt love me anymore, but you was not sure.

So we went on a break. So you could decided.

But you took too long. With each passing day.

I fell out of love with you, you thinking you could waltz back..

You thought i would be pining, but i wasn't.

I got on with it, i sucked it up and got on with my life.

Me realising im better off without you. that i can do better.

All my friends said i changed, and i had.

But now i am me again, and your begging me back.

Saying you miss me, that im the girl you fell for.

Only because i am happy and smiling, you realised what you lost.

But its too little too late. You have lost me and our family.

I dont want you back, and  i find out your lying again.

The other women does not know you are here, begging me back.

You are a liar, I dont want you back.

So this is my goodbye, goodluck as now......

I dont really give a F**k......

The End

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