I hurt

Relationships are not easy, as some believe.

They get stale, they get hard.

You have to work at them to survive.

But all you do is run as fast as you can.

Im 22, and you left me for some one younger.

You have a family, a son. Yet still you run.

And give it all up.

for someone younger, someone with no ties, for someone you have known for a month.

Life is not fair, and you will get no where as you run from your problems.

running aint the answer, you have to buck up and face them.

You are a coward and a liar, and you lead me up the garden path.

Your breaking my heart into a million little pieces, yet you are also the glue.

I am on the edge, in limbo as i dont know where we go from here.

You wont give me an answer to the question you asked.

You will want me, your son- your family in the end.

But if you take to long, it will be to late.

Then where will you be?

Wishing you had listened to me

And tried

The End

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