I hope you suffer.

I hope this eats you up inside.

I hope it bites at your mind

and leaves you with a sharp pain behind your tightly-shut eyes

that persists and begins to dull your world to shades of gray.

the dark shadows will swallow the brights and torture your thoughts each and every day and night.

and when it all finally fades to black, you'll realize your mistake, and that to your dismay

this is something you can never fix. nothing can ever go back.

no way for you to say the words that should've been said at the start,

but never left your head, so now all you're left with is a stone-cold, blackened heart.

all the thoughts you think will be about what you've lost, and that wrong you'll never correct.

dumbfounded and rotting, you'll sit silently waiting and watching

out for the day that I forgive and forget.

and when that day comes,

I'll forget you and forgive myself.

I'll forgive myself for once again

trying to get close to someone else.

The End

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