I Heart Newark (with a broken heart)


Now I’m back I just want to get away

Everything is the same every single day

Will this ghost town ever re-awaken?

All the spirit and pride has been taken

Recognise all the remainder that couldn’t run

Know them all but don’t know anyone


Neighbours are jealously cruel and snide

Every blade is greener on the other side

War has broken out in this civil town

And every Friday night fight drags us further down

Reality is much grimmer than reality TV

Knights in bullet proof armour sent to keep us free


Nobody has any respect for home anymore

Even I love this place less than before

When I left I missed the church and the castle

All I want now is to walk the streets without hassle

Remember being able to drink without fear of being glassed

Knives and baseball bats put those days firmly in the past


Ninety shops have come and gone in the last few years

Every local dream shatters and ends in tears

What happened to the schools where we enjoyed our childhood days?

All the windows are boarded up as the town decays

Rain falls slowly from my eyes for this drowning town by the Trent

Kill my hopes and let me escape from this place of lament


No longer the great town that used to be in my blood

Every night I pray I can leave this dump for good

Wonder if anybody really still cares

A hundred blank expressionless faces but I avoid their stares

Reach out and try to speak with my former friends

Kinships didn’t survive and another good memory ends


Neglected council estates survive on handouts and crumbs

Even more teenage pregnancies and single mums

Wild locals attempt to take on gypo thugs

A dealer approaches and offers class A drugs

Reel as I witness how far the whole place fell

Kindly put this town out of its misery and end this hell


Never forget home but it’s time to move on and start again

Eventually realise it’s easier to stay for some men

Wonder what would keep me here as I try to wash my hands

A language that no one from outside understands

Run as fast as I can to get far, far away

Keep hoping that I’ll turn to look back and everything will be okay

The End

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