I Have a Dream

I used to, and still, get bullied. I wrote this poem to tell how diverse the world is, and that no oneshould get bullied for who they are. I hope you like it.. :) xx

 Just because I'm clever,
and not the class clown.
Just because I managed to,
write this poem down.

Just because I get called names by others,
and I do not where 'bling'.
Just because I don't wear the clothes,
which everyone says are 'in'.
Just because I work hard,
and have I higher expectation.
Just because I desp'ratly want,
a really good education.
Just because I'm not 'cool',
and probably won't drive a sports car
Just because I'm different from others,
and am not as popular.
This does not mean I should be laughed at,
this does not mean I should have to scream.
Life would not contain bullying.
This is my dream.

The End

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