Your Epiglottis

Dangle, bounce,
Dangle, bounce,
Wobble, wobble, boing!

Why does this thing disgust me so?
This bouncing, wobbling, blobbling,
Wibbly, squibbly thing?

It is large and pink and slimy
A pendulum of flesh, clocking
The hours and hours of your
Pointless prattling.

Left, right, up and down and all around
A freak show of nature, a dancing
Prancing clown in a shade of
Tasteless pink.

As you drone on and on and on
My mind is held spellbound by
This intriguing, misleading 
Thing as it goes:

Dangle, bounce,
Dangle, bounce, 
Wobble, wobble, boing! 

The End

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