Are you mine Revised?Mature

Are you mine revised?

Are you Mine?
Are you Mine Revised
I'm crushing on you
A potion for perfect love
Always will be
Trying to act me
Don't know where I am
Don't know why I am
In love
Romantic as a dove
Does he know I exist
Or is he blinded by the mist
Does he know
I love him so
Will we ever
Be together
It's short one, I think it's okay.
Are you mine?
I dream about us
Were we meant to be
I like you just coz
Now I wonder do you need me
Maybe you already have someone
Someone sweet
But you are my only one
When i think of you my heart skips a beat
When you smile, it light's up my day
I no longer suffer from any dismay
Will you ever fall for me
For just me, and my personality
Are you mine revised
I dream about us
Were we meant to be
I like you just cause
And I ask if you need me
There's something about you
And this is true
I think I've fallen for you
It just happened out of the blue
You always smile
Your someone worthwhile
Are we right for each other
Shouldn't we be together?
Do you know me
Can't you see
I'm crushing on you
Do you know who
I'm brave and ready to battle for life
But around you i get shy and no longer sharp as a knife
But what if you don't feel the same
I can't face the misery or shame
Will your heart be true
Or decide on my looks- if you do
Then get away from here
I'm looking for someone who cares

The End

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